A guided tour of FFXIV’s Limsa Lominsa

Most cities you’ll visit in massively multiplayer games are, at their core, a massive, populated fortress. From Stormwind, to Divinity’s Reach, to Orsinium, there’s often no separation between bustling metropolis and military command center.

Perhaps you just want a break. A place to relax. A city where you can enjoy the fresh ocean air over a grilled trout.

Welcome to Limsa Lominsa.

Also known as “The Navigator’s Veil,” Limsa Lominsa makes a stunning first impression. Its shapely towers, perched precariously on cliffs overlooking the Rhotano Sea, create an elegant skyline that brings a sign of relief to sailors ending a long voyage.

The lack of fortification is thanks to Limsa Lominsa’s natural defense. You’ll find no natural connection to the mainland. All visitors must approach by the sea or, less commonly, through one of several gates, each of which leads to a bridge.

Entering the city, you’ll be struck by its complex, chaotic nature. You might become lost among its many piers and bridges. But don’t worry. You can find your bearings by keeping an eye out for The Octant, a plaza dominated by the city’s Aetheryte Crystal.

Though empty here, The Octant is often a bustling social center that sees visitors from across Eorzean, and beyond. It’s coveted for its quick, convenient access to an adjacent market and open, inviting layout.

It helps, of course, that the plaza is surrounded by stunning views. You can enjoy the vast ocean and a refreshing breeze, or pause to appreciate Limsa Lominsa’s unique architecture. Man-made towers organically rise from the city’s many cliffs as if they weren’t built, but instead conjured through strange magicks.

Limsa Lominsa’s market, Hawker’s Alley, has no rival. It’s a simple place — little more than a hall — and that ensures its popularity. While Limsa Lominsa is large and sprawling, the Alley is tight and cozy. Merchants travel from across Eorzea to barter on these rough-hewn pavers.

Originally a city of pirates, Limsa Lominsa has a seedy reputation in certain circles. That reputation is no longer deserved. Order is enforced by The Maelstrom, one of Eorzean’s Grand Companies. More specifically, the Yellowjackets serve as city guards and administrators. Look for their unique attire if you’re in need of assistance.

The Maelstrom isn’t everpresent, but its banners do dominate some of Limsa Lominsa’s halls. The company’s red-and-gold motif stands in stark contrast to the white stone walls found throughout the city. It’s not subtle. But then, little about Limsa Lominsa is.

Few question the strength of the city’s navy. Its massive ocean-going vessels are the strongest to cross the oceans and capable of journeys to far-flung lands. Even merchant ships are typically armed and ready for battle — be it with pirates or the city-state’s foes.

When at rest, however, these vessels become part of city itself. The deck of a ship is a wonderful place to enjoy the sunset as it filters through Limsa Lominsa’s towers and cliffs.

Visitors may feel leery about touring Limsa Lominsa’s lower decks after nightfall, but don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone. There’s no better place to take in the city’s maze of bridges, or bask in the subtle glow of its many lanterns.

You might also gaze on the lighthouse. It’s the most powerful beacon for hundreds of malms, and has guided many wayward ships to safety on stormy nights.

Walking Limsa Lominsa, with its many staircases, bridges, and ramps, is sure to work up an appetite. Luckily, the city is home to the Culinarian’s Guild and Fisher’s Guild which, together, serve up Eorzean’s finest, freshest seafood.

A reservation at one of the city’s dining establishments will ensure a tasty, delicious end to your visit. And Limsa Lominsa’s sailing heritage means you won’t want for a strong drink.

As you head towards your quarters, take a moment to look up. The glow of Limsa Lominsa doesn’t take away from the brilliant constellations above, often crystal-clear thanks to the fresh,

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